Local Volunteer Opportunities


Adopt  a Park

If you would like to volunteer, Little Rock Parks and Recreation is soliciting interested participants for its Adopt-A-Park Program. The success and livelihood of this non-budgeted City program depends on active volunteer participation from neighborhood associations, community groups, and individuals.

The Adopt-A-Park Program offers interested participants many local volunteer opportunities to contribute back into the community and share their special talents by working together in community and supporting staff in organized horticultural activities.

Opportunities include planting and maintaining strategically located flower beds and gardens, supporting horticultural greenhouse operations and participating in other organized park maintenance tasks throughout the park system.

Little Rock Parks and Recreation oversees and maintains in excess of 5,000 developed and undeveloped acres of parkland in fifty-nine (59) parks with limited resources. Available adoptable areas are in numerous park locations in and around Little Rock.

If you are not already involved with Adopt-A-Park, Little Rock Parks and Recreation cordially extends you or your group this invitation to contact us for more information and to take part in beautifying Little Rock.

Contact Little Rock Parks & Recreation to discuss site availability for adoption (501) 371-4770.

Citizen Volunteer Opportunities

Little Rock Parks & Recreation has a number of opportunities for you to volunteer your time and talents in helping make our city a better place. Citizens will be able to enjoy the work and time you put in as a volunteer. Little Rock Parks & Recreation Staff also want to make sure that you find your volunteer experience rewarding. Volunteering offers many positive advantages for you and your talents:

  • Satisfaction of helping your fellow citizens.
  • Learn more about your local government in an "up close and personal" way.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Share your talent and abilities with others while helping your community.
  • Have fun - meet new friends.
  • Make a difference in Little Rock.

Making an important contribution to Little Rock Parks & Recreation begins with a phone call - (501) 371-4770.
Little Rock Parks & Recreation Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Park Ranger Program

Volunteer Park Ranger Program - Little Rock Parks & Recreation

In 2011 the Volunteer Park Ranger Program was created to recruit individuals, aged eighteen (18) and up, to volunteer and serve as "Goodwill Ambassadors" in parks, as well as to provide information, instruction and assist with routine maintenance. These volunteers will serve as extended "eyes and ears" of the Department and will help staff be more efficient and customer oriented.

Hindman, Morehart, Wakefield, MacArthur, Riverfront, Murray, Reservoir and War Memorial Parks, were selected to launch this program. As this program grows, all of the developed parks are expected to have a Volunteer Park Ranger presence. It simply takes volunteers to make this happen!

If you are ready to become involved as a Volunteer Park Ranger, please fill-out the application forms listed on this page and send them to the address listed below.

Should you have any questions regarding this program, please contact our Volunteer Park Ranger Coordinator at 501-371-6856 or parkranger@littlerock.org.

Volunteer Park Ranger Program - Little Rock Parks & Recreation Volunteer Park Ranger Program - Little Rock Parks & Recreation Volunteer Park Ranger Program - Little Rock Parks & Recreation Volunteer Park Ranger Program - Little Rock Parks & Recreation