Park Trails

Park Trails

Arkansas River Trail, when completed, the Arkansas River Trail will reach from downtown Little Rock to Pinnacle Mountain State Park on the southern shore, and from downtown North Little Rock to Cook's Landing on the northern shore, one of the longest paved Arkansas trails. A fourteen (14)-mile loop was created by a pedestrian bridge across Murray Lock and Dam and a renovated railroad bridge near the Presidential Library Center and Park. All together this project will offer approximately twenty-four (24) miles of Little Rock bike trails and walking trails. This trail will also connect to the 225-mile Ouachita Wilderness Trail in Pinnacle Mountain State Park adding an additional seventeen (17) miles to this nationally recognized trail.

Trails connect people with places, enabling them to walk or cycle to run errands, visit local attractions, or commute to work. With a fourteen (14)-mile loop and extensions, which create a total of twenty-four (24) miles, the Arkansas River Trail will provide residents with an ideal opportunity for commuting from east to west Little Rock, and to and from destinations in Little Rock and North Little Rock free from the congestion created by automobiles. Whether you are an athlete, need to lose weight, want to get outside or just want to walk your dog, the river trail is a place for all people and one of the most popular Arkansas trails.

Allsopp Park Trails, park consists of a 5 mile loop single track system great for mountain biking and hiking.  Allsopp Park is divided into north and south by neighborhood; South section has restroom, picnic tables, pavilion, playground, tennis courts, and paved trails.

Rock Creek Trail, located in West Little Rock starting at the intersection of Markham and Bowman trail heads west following Rock Creek.  Trail is a combination of paved and non-paved surfaces that is a great scenic trail in all seasons.  Trail length is a little over one mile in one direction.

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Arkansas River Trail

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