Adult Softball

2014 Softball – Available Players Information

From time to time throughout the season, the Little Rock Parks & Recreation department will receive inquiries from individuals that would like to join an existing softball team. As this information becomes available, we will post it here. If your team is seeking to add individuals to your roster, please use this information in selecting available players.
Michael Moore / / 870-448-7522 – Played high school baseball for a number of years, centerfield and 3rd. After high school I played men’s league and coed softball for another four seasons, outfield. I just moved to the area and want to get back on the field. 5'10'' 185lbs in decent shape, probably need to do a little conditioning work.

Alex Barber / / 501-515-3031 - I am looking to join a Men's or Coed softball team. I'm 36, have played many years of baseball and softball. I can play any position, but best at infield and pitcher. Hit for average.

KelseyEmerson & Joseph Wills / / 901-605-3891 - Couple looking to join a co-ed softball team.  Each of us have many years of experience playing softball/baseball.  Both of us are well rounded athletes and can play any position but prefer the outfield. 

Nicole Mitchell / NMM04002@GMAIL.COM / 501-269-8401 /Two females and one male wanting to join a co-ed team. All are utility players and all three have college level experience.

Tiffany Madden / / 501-831-9083 – I played for 12 years first base majority of the time. I haven't been able to find a team but I am dying to play again I'm 22 years old.

Mary Foster & Adam Morrison / / 501-551-3902 – We would like to join a co-ed team. Adam has played since he was in 2rd grade as a shortstop and traveled all over the country in tournaments. I have played since the 4th grade as 3rd baseman and catcher in fastpitch. I have the knees for catching and am a runner too. We are both good at what we do and would be beneficial to a team! My email is and phone number is 501-551-3902.

Bekah Wright & John Spranger / - I would like for my boyfriend and I to be added to the available players list for coed softball, and we would like to be on the same team. My name is Bekah Wright, I'm 23 and I played fast pitch softball for 12 years (competitive and high school) and three years of adult coed in Memphis. I can play pretty much any position, but I'm best and prefer 3rd, short, or 2nd. My boyfriend's name is John Spranger, he's 24, and played intramural softball for his fraternity in college. He'd like to play outfield or catcher, and he's really a DH.

Nikkita Settles / – I'm 24 and I'm interested in joining a co-ed team. I
played softball in my teenager years. I'm a bit rusty, but I'm interested in getting some practice in and joining a team that doesn't mind working with me to get me ready for the season.

Blake Clendening / / 501-590-3499 – Looking to join a men's or coed
team this year. I'm 21 years old and I've played baseball at the high school and college level. I can
play all over the field but my primaries are SS/2B.

Taylor Senft / taylorsenft@hotmail / 404-630-1470 – I am a utility player. I'm 22. I played tball all the way through varsity high school. I played 1 year of mens softball after high school. Played 3 years of mens league baseball for Eielson Afb. I'd perfer a mens team but will play co ed.

Jerry Clark / - Played baseball in my youth (outfield and 3rd base). I am
seeking to join a Mens 30-Over softball team in 2014.

Laura Luce / / 501-310-8697- I played right field in college (slow pitch) for 2 years & a year in the Houston TX area. I haven't played in a long time but am looking for a team.

Samantha Calhoun / – Looking to join a co-ed team this fall. I haven't played for a team in Little Rock before, but would like to in the spring. I played fast pitch softball all my life until I graduated high school, then coed until I moved here in 2009.