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Public Works Department

LRCent Meeting Presentations

 Public Works LRCENT Presentation 6-20-12
Public Works LRCent Presentation 9-19-12
Public Works LRCent Presentation 12-12-12
Public Works LRCent Presentation 3-27-13
Public Work LRCent Presentation 6-19-13
Public Works LRCent Presentation 9-18-13

2012 Street and Drainage Improvements

 2012 Street & Drainage Improvement Public Input Meeting Documents


2013-2015 Capital Project Lists

Resolution 13699 - To Identify 2013, 2014, and 2015 Capital Projects to be Funded by the Sales Tax and Capital Improvement Bonds

List of Capital Sales Tax Projects to be Funded By Ward

List of Projects to be Funded by Capital Improvement Bonds by Ward

2013 Street Overlay/Resurfacing Program Projects

Project Resolutions Adopted by the City Board

Resolution 13481- Beechwood Drainage Improvements

Resolution 13501- Authorizing Street Resurfacing Contract with Red Stone

Resolution 13509- Authorizing Traffic Signal Loop Installations

Resolution 13510- Traffic Signal Video Detection System Contract

Resolution 13527- To Accept Permanent and Temporary Construction Easements

Resolution 13550- To Contract for Traffic Signal Installation at Chenal Parkway at Chenonceau

Resolution 13557- To Contract for 13th St. at Gaines St. and Wright Ave. Drainage Improvements

Resolution 13558- To Contract for Chicot at Bunch Road Drainage Improvements

Resolution 13573- To Modify Contract with Redstone for Street Resurfacing

Resolution 13581- To Contract for Windamere and Walpole Drainage Improvement

Resolution 13582- To Contract for Allis Street Drain Improvement Project

Resolution 13583- To Contract for the Sunnymeade Drainage Improvement Project

Resolution 13611- To Contract for the Hinson Road at Carmel Box Culvert Project

Resolution 13625- To Contract for the 44th at Potter Streets Drainage Improvements Project

Resolution 13653- To Amend the Contract for the 13th St. to Gaines St. and Wright Ave. Drainage  Project

Resolution 13670- To Contract for Robinwood Drive Traffic Signal Installation Project

Resolution to Identify 2013,2014, and 2015 Capital Projects in Various Ward Using Sales Tax Dollars and Capital Improvement Bonds

 Resolution 13712- To Contract with Cranford Construction for Street Resurfacing

Resolution 13726- Awarding Contracts for Engineering Services for Capital Improvements

Resolution 13752- To Award Contract for the 12th Street Revitalization Streetscape - 8-6-13

Resolution 13770- Amending the Engineering Project Coordination Services Contract for Bond and Sales Tax Projects

Resolution 13790- Awarding Contracts for Engineering of Capital Improvement Projects-10-15-13


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