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Faith Alliance

Little Rock’s Faith Alliance is a standing committee of the RCDC that was established in March 2003.

Our Vision

The Faith Alliance is:

A vehicle through which we (i.e. faith-based spiritual leaders throughout the community) can pursue relationships of increased understanding, mutual respect and cooperative involvement.

A vehicle through which we can exercise our responsibility as the moral and spiritual leaders of this community in promoting, modeling and establishing partnerships across ethnic, economic and denominational lines in pursuit of social justice and community transformation via intentional acts of mercy, service and grace that make life better for all.

The Faith Alliance is not a forum for theological debate or proselytizing or a political action committee or lobbying group, etc.

Our Mission

To design, develop and implement strategies for personal growth in relation to our own awareness and understanding of systemic problems of racism still deeply imbedded in society.

To design, develop and implement strategies for community transformation through our collective efforts and the efforts of others within our own spheres of influence.


Dining 4 Diversity:  An event to raise awareness about the importance of developing genuine relationships across ethnic, economic and/or faith-based lines in the effort to dismantle racism in our city. The event is sponsored in the fall by participating restaurants and faith-based organizations. Enjoy a 20% discount on your meal while dining with ethnically culturally diverse friends (minimum group of four (4) guests in party to be eligible).

Healing Racism Institute (HRI):  Members of the Faith Alliance participated in an intensive two (2)-day training.

HRI is a national program that relies on facilitated dialogue, exercises and information to provide a safe place where participants can come together to share their thoughts, feelings and attitudes about racism and racial prejudice-a place where no one is attacked, but where everyone is positively challenged. In creating such an environment, the outcome for many is a transformative experience that brings the issue of racism from a cognitive, conceptual and analytical level to a more affective, operational and heart-felt level.

We recommend this program for the following reasons:

  1. The level of sharing engendered by the program will facilitate bonding of the group. Bonding supports unity. When working with such a divisive issue as racism, unity is constantly strained.
  2. The information and vocabulary provided by HRI will facilitate the work of the Faith Alliance by providing us with solid, shared language and concepts on which to build.
  3. In looking for ways to address racism in Central Arkansas, HRI is a powerful existing tool that we can use in new ways with our congregations to greatly amplify its effects. It is important that we, as religious leaders, understanding the tool to most effectively use it.

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