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The City of Little Rock City Manager
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Fair Housing


To advise, through the auspices of Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission, the City of Little Rock Board of Directors as to how all residents of the City may fully exercise their rights under the Fair Housing Law. To complete tasks assigned to the Commission by the Board of Directors pursuant to such advice.


Draft an Arkansas Fair Housing Act and have same passed into law by the State Legislature. This was accomplished during the 2001 and 2003 legislative sessions.

Assist in the establishment of the Arkansas Fair Housing Commission (AFHC). This was accomplished in 2002.

Assist United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and AFHC with the implementation of the Arkansas Fair Housing Act.

Educate the general public as well as housing industry entities as to their rights and responsibilities under Fair Housing Law.

Fair Housing

Coordinate with other local entities involved in Fair Housing activities and programs.


Attend meetings of the Arkansas Fair Housing Commission.

Participate in the annual "April Is Fair Housing Month" activities presented by HUD and AFHC.

Provide a "public education event" during the month of April and at other times during the year as may be appropriate.

Provide a "fair housing" component to various RCDC programs and activities.

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