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The City of Little Rock City Departments
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The Planning Division provides mid and long range planning as well as technical support to the City.  The Division prepares reviews and develops reports for Land Use amendments, Master Street Plan amendments, and review of zoning changes requested by various groups. The Planning Division Staff responds to requests for statistics, graphics and GIS products.

The City does prepare 'plans' beyond the City limits.  The City of Little Rock has set a Planning Boundary (sometimes called an extra-territorial jurisdiction boundary) that is approximate three (3) miles (as the crow flies) around the City.  Within this area the City Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances are enforced.  Due to this, the City Master Street Plan and Land Use Plan are in effect beyond the City limits in the 'Planning Area'.

The Land Use and Master Street Plan Amendment application must be completed and returned to our offices at 723 West Markham Street by the filing dates on the Planning Commission Calendar for Planning and Zoning Hearings.

Land Use Plan

The City Land Use Plan and Map is the proposed pattern for land use in the future.  It provides the guide for making zoning decisions when a property owner requests a reclassification.  The Land Use Classifications are divided into several groupings by generalized use: Residential, Office, Commercial, Industrial, Mixed Use and Other.  The Land Use Plan Map is under the 'Maps' section of the Department's Main page.

Master Street Plan

The Master Street Plan is the proposed future pattern of major streets within and through the City.  There is no time certain for implementation.  

Neighborhood Plans

Neighborhood Plans are a cooperative effort between the City and residents in different sections of Little Rock.  A citizen committee develops a list of Goals, Objectives and Action Statements to address needs or desires.  City Planning and Development Staff helps facilitate the process.  Once the Neighborhood Committee has developed a Plan document, they present it to the Little Rock Planning Commission and the Little Rock City Board of Directors.  The Committee asks that each body adopt resolutions of support for 'Their Plan'.  These resolutions indicate the City agrees with the direction and general goals of the Plan.  However, the City's action does not indicate total agreement or acceptance of each and every proposed 'action' in the Plan.  The City does agree to work with the neighborhood to move the area toward it's ultimate Goals.

Since this is the neighborhood's plan, there must be sufficient interest in that area to do a Plan.  A Neighborhood Plan may cover the area of one or more neighborhood associations.  Until or unless there is sufficient interest in an area, there should not be a Plan of this type for that area.  The physical area of a Neighborhood Plan has generally been developed by staff with some neighborhood input.  The Neighborhood Plan document is available below as PDFs.  Please note if the link includes the word 'Study' it is not a Neighborhood Plan but rather provides information on that area of the City.  (click area below for details)   


                                 NEIGHBORHOOD PLANS AND UPDATES

·  Boyle Park Study 

     report appendix

·  Birchwood-Walnut Valley 

·  Briarwood 

·  Capitol View Update 

·  Chicot West/Interstate 30



·  Cloverdale-Watson  

·  Downtown 

           Plan Update 


·  Downtown Framework for the Future Update 

·  East of Interstate 30 Study

·  Geyer Springs/Wakefield 

·  Heights 

·  Hillcrest 

·  John Barrow

·  Midtown  

·  Oak Forest Update

·  Otter Creek/Crystal Valley


       Support information  

·  Pecan Lake, Stagecoach Dodd, Westwood 

                 2007 Plan Update  

·  Reservoir Neighborhoods


        Support Information   

·  River Mountain

        Plan Update 


·  Rock Creek Update   

·  South End Area Update   

·  South Geyer Springs Study   

·  Stephens Area   

·  Upper Baseline Update   

·  West  Markham  



·  West 65th Street   








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