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Code Design Criteria

Building Code*
The 2012 AR Fire Prevention Volume II with appendices C, D, E, and the 2012 revisions. (Based on the 2012 International Building Code)
Fire Code
    The 2012 AR Fire Prevention Code Volume I with appendices B, C, D, E, F, G, K and the 2012
    revisions. (Based on the 2012 International Fire Code)
Residential Building Code
   The 2012 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Volume III for one (1) & two (2)-family dwellings with
   the 2012 revisions. Appendices A-Q are NOT adopted by the State of Arkansas.  (Based on the
   2012 International Residential Building Code)

Accessible Standard
    2009 - ICC/ANSI A117.1. Referenced by the 2012 International Building Code, Chapter 11.

Energy Code
    Arkansas Energy Code Rules and Regulations for Energy Efficiency Standards, 2011 Edition, 
   based on 2009 International Energy Code, Chapter 5 or ASHRAE 90.1-2007.  Arkansas
   Supplements and Amendments:
Electrical Code
The 2011 National Electrical Code and The Little Rock Code of Ordinances, Chapter 8, revised.
Plumbing Code
The 2006 Arkansas State Plumbing Code. (Based on the 2006 International Plumbing Code)
Fuel Gas Code
The 2006 Arkansas Fuel Gas Code with Appendices A, B, C, D and 2006 Revisions.  (Based on the 2009 International Fuel Code)
Mechanical Code
The 2010 Arkansas Mechanical Code with Appendix A, B and 2010 Revisions. (Based on the 2009 International Mechanical Code.
Existing Building Code
The 2012 International Existing Building Code with Appendices A & B and the 2006 revisions.
Property Maintenance Code
    The 2012 International Property Maintenance Code and 2012 Revisions.
City of Little Rock Amendments are found in Chapter 8: Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing & Blasting, of the Municipal Code
Structural Design: Chapter 16, 2012 International Building Code

Seismic Zone
IBC, Project Zone Classification 1; Site Class B; State of Arkansas Act 1100
Wind Load
    Based on Risk Category, Chapter 16, Table 1604.5
    Risk Category I: 105 MPH
    Risk Category II: 115 MPH
    Risk Category III & IV: 120 MPH
Snow Load
    10 psf, Section 1608, Figure 1608.2
Roof Live Load
20 psf, Section 1607, Table 1607.1
Dead Loads
Actual weights of materials.
Concentrated Loads
Section 1607
Frost Line
Twelve (12) inches
Minimum size: eighteen (18) inches wide, twelve (12) inches deep, with nine (9) inches of concrete per Section 1805
Must rest on undisturbed or a minimum 90% compacted soil of uniform density and thickness as per Section 1803.5
Minimum slab thickness 3-1/2 inches, as per Section 1910

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