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Online Business Application Form

Business Information
Is your business home based?
(If "yes" you will also need to fill out a home occupation permit form.)

Please check on the following:
**(At this location) (mm/dd/yyyy)
(At this location)
**Enter "N/A" if you do not have an AR Sales Tax #
(if applicable)
** (no dashes or spaces)
(no dashes or spaces)
License Address:
Mailing Address: (if different from above)
Business Owner
Optional (For Statistical Purposes Only)
Previous Business Location
Check any of the following that apply:

* Please provide copies of State permits.

NOTE: A false statement or misrepresentation may make the license null and void and constitute forfeiture of any fees paid.

You will not be able to apply for your business licencse unless you agree that the above information is true. If you do not agree, please contact the Treasury Managment Division at (501) 371-4568.

Signature of Owner or Representative:

The City of Little Rock The City of Little Rock

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