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Online Bids

Bid #TitleBid IssuedBid OpensClassification
C15003 Annual Contract for Sampling and Analysis of Storm Water Runoff 02/25/2015 03/18/2015
15001 LaMarche Drive Extension 02/25/2015 03/18/2015
15114 RFQ for Little Rock Parks and Recreation Master Plan 02/23/2015 03/16/2015
15121 Demolition and Removal of Five Condemned Residential Structures 02/23/2015 03/16/2015
15120 RFQ 2015 Short Term Financing Bond Counsel 02/13/2015 03/06/2015
C15001 Annual Contract for HVAC Control Repairs 02/11/2015 03/04/2015
15118 RFQ for 5 Year CON PLAN & AI Fair Housing Consultant Services 02/11/2015 03/04/2015
C15002 Annual Contract for OEM Tennant Street Sweeper Repair Parts 02/11/2015 03/04/2015

The City of Little Rock The City of Little Rock

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